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Link Up Corporate Services can assist you in setting up an e-commerce business in Dubai by guiding you through the entire process of obtaining the required licenses, registering with the Department of Economic Development, and ensuring compliance with the laws and regulations of the UAE. Our team of experts has extensive experience and knowledge in the field, and we can help you to establish your e-commerce business quickly and efficiently, without any hassle. With the growing demand for e-commerce in Dubai and the UAE, now is the perfect time to start your own online business and tap into this lucrative market.

With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, we can guide you through the process of obtaining an e-commerce license in Dubai. Our team will assist you with all the requirements, paperwork, and procedures to ensure a seamless and efficient process. Trust us to make your e-commerce business setup in Dubai a stress-free experience.


Getting an e-commerce license in Dubai is a crucial step for setting up a successful e-commerce business in the UAE. Without a valid license from the Department of Economic Development (DED), an e-commerce business is considered illegal. Link Up Corporate Services has a wealth of experience in business consultation and can help guide you through the process of obtaining an e-commerce license in Dubai. With their professional and knowledgeable team, they can assist you from start to finish to ensure that your business is compliant with all necessary regulations.


Here we have described the step by step process to get the e-commerce license, it seems easy but there are many hurdles to pass them. As a professional business setup consultant, Link Up Corporate Services can help you at every step and even we can handle the whole process on your behalf. We have described the licensing process in detail so an individual can understand it better.

Step 1: Think About the Business’s Legal Structure

UAE offers different types of legal structure to businesses so it’s important to decide whether the firm needs to be registered as an LLC (Limited Liability Company), A single-person company, parent company’s branch, representative office or anything else. Most of the businesses follow either LLC formation or Branch office because of their advantages. So first of all decide what kind of company you want to start.

Step 2: Decide the Jurisdiction

In Dubai, the location depends on the particular region. The term location doesn’t mean the particular place where you want to start your business but it means where you want to apply for the e-commerce license.

  • Free Zone: If you don’t want to share your business ownership with anyone, then you have to register your business in the Free Zone. It offers 100% ownership to the owner.
  • Mainland: To set up business in Mainland, you have to get a local business partner who will take a minimum 51% and the remaining 49% will be yours.

So before choosing any location, you should do a deep analysis of advantages and disadvantages. At Link Up Corporate Services, our professionals can help you to choose the best location according to your business.

Step 3: Trade Name Registration

Generally eCommerce business does not have any specific physical presence and that’s why you should choose a short name that comes to everyone’s mind when they are planning to purchase online. This is our suggestion, that the trade name and domain name should be the same so customers can easily navigate to the website quickly. When you are choosing a domain name, make sure the same business name should not be registered by any other business.

Step 4: Give An Application for License

It's important to note that the process of obtaining an e-commerce license in Dubai is crucial for the success of the business. Without a valid license, the business will be considered illegal and may face legal consequences. That's why it's important to work with a reliable business setup consultant like Link Up Corporate Services, to ensure a smooth and efficient process of obtaining the e-commerce license. The team of experts can guide you through the requirements and regulations set by the Department of Economic Development and Free Zone authorities, to ensure that your business is in compliance with the laws of Dubai.

Step 5: License Approval

If all your documents are correct then it will take maximum 7 days to get the license approval and this is depending on the authority.


  • Import/Export requirements: Generally eCommerce business consists of some important import and export activities. But for the import and export business, you have to register with one of the posts and customs authorities. They will provide you with an importer’s code. As per the UAE government, an individual has to pay 5% customs duty on imported goods. But if the company is located in the Free Zone then it will not be charged with import duty because they have to sell their products or services limited to free zones only.
  • Corporate Bank Account Opening Procedure: After getting the license, you should start the process of setting up your corporate bank account. Just decide the bank from your end, and we will handle all the procedures from our side. With good contacts and professional relationships with local banks, Link Up Corporate Services can help to open your business account as quickly as possible.

E-commerce business growth is increasing day by day. People are connecting globally with the help of the internet and that’s why you can increase the reach of your business tremendously with the help of an E-commerce portal.

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